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Check out our extensive list of homemade baby food recipes. We outline our ingredients and demystify the process of making baby food with simply videos. Store brand baby food can be very good, but the taste of the store brand baby food simply does not compare to homemade baby food. Make a single batch of homemade baby food and do a taste comparison and you will immediately notice a difference.

My children are great eaters and I attribute this partly to eating full flavored homemade baby foods. If all you have ever eaten is bland store bought baby food then it is no wonder you do not like home cooked meals. Starting your children with flavorful homemade baby food will prepare their developing pallets for the transition to table food. Children who will eat the same meals as their parents will get better nutrition and allow the parents more time (as they don’t need to make separate meals of mac and cheese). This isn’t to say that every child will become a great eater because of this but certainly helps their odds.

When starting your child on baby food don’t be surprised if they have an odd look on their face. It takes time for your baby to start to enjoy eating. Once they have been eating homemade baby food for a while, you will notice that they love the food and will lunge forward to get more food. The key is knowing what foods your baby like and at what consistency.

In general, the younger your baby the more watery the food should be puréed to. As they get older they will be able to eat denser foods.

Mixing foods is also a great idea. Once you have determined that your child doesn’t have a food allergy to a particular item then feel free to start mixing. You’ll notice that many of our recipes are combinations of multiple types of food. This will help your children accept some of the less pleasurable foods (i.e. vegetables, yuck!). Find what the foods that are your babies favorites and start combining these with great greens like spinach, green beans, peas, etc. Improvising your babies menu to their tastes is key to your success with their eating.

Our Homemade Baby Food Recipe List

I like to start with a solid base of single foods. This determines if food allergies are present for each item. Ask your doctor about food allergies in babies and signs to look for. Once you have a base of single foods then you can start mixing items you know are safe with new items to expand your babies food world.

Beginning Homemade Baby Food Recipes

Multi-Item Homemade Baby Food Recipes